Office of Assessment and Accreditation

Student Complaint FAQ

What is a student complaint?

UNCG’s criteria are that the complaint is: What is NOT considered a student complaint?
What is the timeframe of the log and the collection of the log?
  • An email will be sent prior to the beginning of the fall semester with the log template to remind departments to begin collecting the complaints
  • Workshop(s) will be offered in the fall to aid in keeping the log
  • Online resources for student complaints will be updated each year.
  • The log should be kept for the academic year
  • In March/April a reminder will be sent that the completed logs should be sent to the Office of Assessment and Accreditation by July 31st
  • Logs are returned to the Office of Assessment and Accreditation in July.

What if a student issues a policy complaint naming a faculty member to another faculty member or department head without first confronting the faculty member?

The student should follow procedure by first going to their faculty member, but in cases where that is not possible, the faculty member or department head should request the complaint to be written and signed, log it, and follow procedure to resolve the complaint.

What about a complaint filed by a parent for the student?

This is not a student complaint. It should be handled as a complaint, but it does not need to appear on the student complaint log.

Who in the department should maintain the log?

That is at the discretion of the department head or dean.