Office of Assessment and Accreditation

For Students

Students come to UNCG for many reasons. First and foremost among those reasons is to get an education. These web pages have been set up to explain what we expect students to learn, what we know that students have learned, and what students are telling us they have learned while here. We also share how UNCG is using that information about learning to ensure each program is providing students the opportunities to learn what they need to know to be successful.

On these pages we show you the big picture of what we expect you to learn while you’re here. Student learning outcomes (SLOs) are what the faculty have identified as what graduates should know or be able to do after completing each program. On this site you can research the SLOs for each program. You can also see how we assess or evaluate learning at UNCG, and what current assessment activities are under way. These pages also provide you with a few specific examples of what students have learned, and how that evidence has been used to make our programs even better.

Have a look around! We hope you find this information useful to understand yourself, your program, and learning at UNCG.

For Faculty

These web pages have been put together to share information about student learning at UNCG. This site is modeled on the Transparency Framework designed by the National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment (NILOA), an initiative intended to help institutions make our evidence of academic accomplishment by our students more visible.

On this site, you will find the student learning outcomes (SLOs) that your colleagues identified for their own academic programs. We also provide you with numerous resources to help with teaching and assessment, including workshops offered on campus, documents that explain our assessment processes, and publications related to teaching, learning and assessment. We’ve given you a page to find current assessment activities and deadlines so you know what is happening throughout the academic year. And, we’ve posted a page where we share stories of how faculty at UNCG have already used assessment results to identify ways to improve their programs to be more effective for their students.

We hope you’ll find this a useful guide to make a positive impact on student learning in your own program!

UNCG Student Learning Outcomes

Student learning outcomes (SLOs) reflect what a program’s faculty have identified as the primary knowledge, skills, or values their students are expected to demonstrate upon completion of the program. As Tia McNair stated in her article on transparency in learning, students want to know how to “connect the dots” in their education.1 Learning outcomes are the dots that are linked through the course content and pedagogy that make up a program’s curricula.

At UNCG, faculty have defined SLOs for each academic program, including all graduate, undergraduate, and General Education programs, and have woven these outcomes throughout the programs’ curricula to ensure students have the opportunities they need to learn them. They are reviewed annually to ensure they continue to reflect relevant SLOs.

UNCG posts the expected SLOs for all programs. They can be access through the links to the college or school in which they reside in the left margin of this page.
















1McNair, T.B. (2016). Designing Purposeful pathways for student achievement through transparency and problem‐centered learning. Peer Review, Winter/Spring 2016.