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UNCG Student Learning Outcomes

Accounting (BS)


The B.S. with a major in accounting program provides a foundation for careers in industry as well as entry into graduate-level studies in areas such as accounting, finance, law and business administration. Students interested in pursuing licensure as a Certified Public Accountant should note that the B.S. program does not provide complete preparation for the Certified Public Accountant examination. That preparation requires subsequent graduate-level study. The B.S. with a major in accounting builds upon the broad education of UNCG undergraduate students through providing basic competence in accounting sufficient for the entry-level positions described above. The program highlights exposure to accounting's place within the scope of ethical life in a manner responsive to contemporary problems that face the accounting profession.

Learning Outcomes

1) The student applies a working technical knowledge in the identification and proper recording of business transactions.
2) The student applies a working technical knowledge in measurement and presentation of accounting information for its intended use.
3) The student demonstrates the ability to integrate data, knowledge, and insight in decision making.
4) The student makes appropriate recommendations for actions based on sound analysis and business judgment.

Accounting students will author professional accounting documents at a level of quality commensurate with employer expectations.

1) Use proper grammar and sentence construction in written and oral presentations.
2) Construct written and oral presentations in a logical sequence.
3) Select concise words and structures in presentations to demonstrate a clear understanding of the subject.

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