Office of Assessment, Accreditation, and Academic Program Planning

UNCG Student Learning Outcomes



Through excellence in teaching, scholarship, and community engagement, the Consumer, Apparel and Retail Studies Department prepares and advances leaders in our field. We provide a strong educational foundation through an innovative curriculum, integrating theory with hands-on-experience and/or research within the community, with the flexibility for students to pursue their individual career interests related to the global apparel industry.

Learning Outcomes

Knowledge of subject matter and application
Students will demonstrate in-depth knowledge of the subject matter and apply this knowledge to a particular area of specialization.

Skill application and research formulation
Students will demonstrate the ability to apply in-depth skill in the formulation of research conducted in an area of specialization within consumer, apparel and retail studies.

Research Methods
Students will acquire and demonstrate in-depth skill in applying specialized methods of quantitative or qualitative research design and analysis to conduct independent empirical research within consumer, apparel and retail studies.

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