Office of Assessment, Accreditation, and Academic Program Planning

UNCG Student Learning Outcomes

Economics (PhD)


The PhD in Economics in an innovative alternative to the traditional doctoral program. This mission is to train professional and academic research economists of the highest quality by combining a focus on policy analysis with an en emphasis on technical, empirically oriented research skills.

Learning Outcomes

Technical and Conceptual Tools
Apply advanced technical and conceptual tools to analyze a broad range of policy issues.
1.1 Demonstrate command with advanced technical and conceptual tools.
1.2 Demonstrate ability to apply advanced technical and conceptual tools.

Specialized Training
Students will be able to show mastery of specialized training in labor, health, public or a closely related sub-discipline.
2.1 Demonstrate understanding and applications of specialized knowledge of applied microeconomics.

Display capacity to perform high quality research.
3.1 Demonstrate capacity to conduct high-quality research.

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