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UNCG Student Learning Outcomes

Information Systems & Supply Chain Management (BS) Information Systems


Our mission is to provide high quality programs in Information Systems (IS). We achieve this through the integration of quality education with relevant research and professional service for industry and academe. This endeavor produces principled leaders and exceptional problem solvers with an innovative mindset and a commitment to improve and sustain organizations in a global environment and the communities in which they live. The IS program prepares students to utilize various information technologies and tools and deliver enhance business productivity. These technologies and tools focus on ability of companies to leverage information and use it to make better decisions for the firm. Students are able to utilize the following technologies: computer programming, system analysis and development, databases, network management, Internet security, and Web development.

Learning Outcomes

Database Technology
Students will be able to model business data requirements and utilize relational database technology.
1.1 Design and implement a rational database
1.2 Use SQL to create conditional multi-table queries

Understanding Business Problems
Employ a systems approach and a system development method to understand business problems.
2.1 Analyze an information system need for a business problem; explore the complexities involved in understanding and defining requirements and generate a system request.
2.2 Produce appropriate results through the analysis stage of the software development life cycle.

Design Local Computer Networks
Design local computer networks using the TCP/IP Architecture.
3.1 Conceptually design local computer networks using the TCP/IP Architecture.
3.2 Estimate the costs of the local computer networks.

Business Software Applications
Design and develop business software applications.
4.1 Working as part of a team, develop an information systems solution for a new or existing business application using appropriate tools.

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