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UNCG Student Learning Outcomes

ISOM (MS) Technology & Management


The mission of the Master of Science in Information Technology and Management (MSITM) program is to provide students with a unique blend of managerial, technological and communications skills essential for success in the exciting field of Information Technology. The MSITM program strives to train information technology and business leaders who are able to effectively confront the many complex issues of applying information technology successfully within organizations. In addition, emphasis is placed on problem-solving activities, multi-functional group decision making, and communication skills. The MSITM program seeks to extend both the knowledge of students and their ability to effectively utilize their knowledge in a collaborative work environment.

Learning Outcomes

IT Management and Planning
Students will be able to evaluate IT management and planning to see how these can be applied to help organizations meet their goals.
1.1 Understands the role and methods of IT management that are effective in supporting the business processes and strategies of the organization.
1.2 Understands the role of project management and the use of project management methodologies in organizations.

Systems Solutions
Students will be able to develop solutions to solve a business problem.
2.1 Gather requirements specifications for developing systems solution to solve a business problem.
2.2 Analyze and recommend IT-based solution to solve a business problem.

Problem Solving & Oral/Written Skills
Students will be able to:
3.1 Demonstrate problem solving skills by integrating knowledge areas to solve an IS problem.
3.2 Make an effective oral presentation based on audibility/pace, tone/energy, fluency; appropriateness to audience, use of visual aids.
3.3 Students are able to write effective documentation of information solutions.

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