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UNCG Student Learning Outcomes

Anthropology (BA)


The mission of the UNCG Department of Anthropology is to strive for excellence in research, teaching, and service. We are firmly committed to the pursuit of anthropological knowledge and we seek to engage our students in a productive, humanistic, and applicable exploration of human experience. We seek to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to accomplish their personal goals whether they seek advanced graduate study or the practical application of anthropological knowledge in the workplace. Through their teaching and research, the faculty is committed to: fostering the critical learning skills necessary for students to integrate theory with practical application; incorporating students into new and ongoing research efforts as a way of nurturing creative problem-solving skills through hands-on experience; promoting active and responsible community engagement on both local and international levels through participation in ongoing research projects; advancing a clearer understanding of foundational anthropological themes such as the value of human diversity, cultural tolerance, understanding and respect; and exploring new and realistic solutions to social problems through direct interaction with local and international agencies and communities

Learning Outcomes

Written Communication
Students will be able to produce a major written document in at least one anthropological subdiscipline in AAA format that exhibits appropriate citations from the primary anthropological literature, and demonstrates clear writing and a coherent argument.

Critical Analysis
Students will be able to read, critically analyze, and coherently discuss arguments in the recent anthropological literature of at least one subdiscipline.

Students will be able to synthesize a variety of anthropological ideas and data in order to independently create an anthropological research project in either a library, field, or applied setting.

Oral Communication
Students will be able to communicate the results of an independent anthropological analysis in a public presentation with appropriate graphics.

Students will understand anthropological theory as well as the historical context in which that body of theory has developed.

Study Abroad or Field Experience
50% of students will have a Study Abroad or field work experience.

Computer Skills
Students will understand relevant computer skills in order to create a professional quality presentation (either a series of slides or a poster) demonstrating the results of an independent research project.

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