Office of Assessment, Accreditation, and Academic Program Planning

UNCG Student Learning Outcomes

Art History and Museum Studies (BA)


The mission of the School of Art is founded on three passionately held principles:
• First, that the exploration of ideas through the visual arts is both necessary and culturally valuable;
• Second, that an understanding of visual communications within contemporary society is critical for an informed world view, and;
• Third, that an appreciation and knowledge of art history, past and present, is essential to both young scholars and developing artists.
In the Art department, committed faculty, who actively exhibit and publish nationally and internationally model the high standards we hold our students to in the visual arts, art history and art education. Our students individually challenge, explore and push the boundaries of their given field, whether it be establishing an independent vision or perspective in the studio, exploring new facets of art history or developing their own voices as art educators. Through this diversity, our program offers students a strong, self-motivated course of study where majors have meaningful contact with faculty across disciplines, methodologies and practices.

Analyze and Interpret Original Works of Art
Students will demonstrate the ability to analyze and interpret original works of art formally, technically, and/or culturally.

Conduct Scholarly Research
Students will conduct scholarly research in the fields of art history utilizing the resources of libraries and/or area museums, with a particular emphasis on the use of academic databases.

Demonstrate Persuasive Speaking and Writing
Students will write and speak coherently and persuasively regarding works of art, their history, and their relationship to a broader knowledge of the humanities.

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