Office of Assessment and Accreditation

UNCG Student Learning Outcomes

Art History and Museum Studies (BA)


The mission of the Art Department is founded on the need for expression through the visual arts and for an understanding of visual communication in contemporary society. The Art Department is dedicated to high-quality graduate and undergraduate education in the visual arts. Excellence in teaching is the direct result of an active, engaged faculty who bring their students a wealth and diversity of professional experience. Faculty work closely with students to stimulate aesthetic and intellectual inquiry in learning environments that promote curiosity, critical thinking, and creative problem solving. This interactive educational experience allows students to transform information into knowledge through directed practice and research. The Art Department offers Studio Art, Art Education, and Art History and Museum Studies programs which lead to the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts, and the Master of Fine Arts degrees. All visual arts students benefit from the broad liberal arts education offered by the College of Arts and Sciences. These courses complement the visual arts and expand students' horizons in preparation for advanced study, professional development, and informed participation in the world.

Analyze and Interpret Original Works of Art
Students will demonstrate the ability to analyze and interpret original works of art formally, technically, and/or culturally.

Conduct Scholarly Research
Students will conduct scholarly research in the fields of art history utilizing the resources of libraries and/or area museums, with a particular emphasis on the use of academic databases.

Demonstrate Persuasive Speaking and Writing
Students will write and speak coherently and persuasively regarding works of art, their history, and their relationship to a broader knowledge of the humanities.

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