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UNCG Student Learning Outcomes

Liberal Studies (BA) Archaeology


The Archaeology Program at UNCG introduces students to past civilizations and cultures around the globe and to the analytical methods, techniques, and theories that archaeologists use to facilitate their study. The major is designed to develop anthropological, historical, and geographical perspectives in archaeological research, encompassing prehistoric and early historic cultures. The Program's faculty is actively involved in research and/or field work in the Mediterranean region, the Middle East, North America and South America, and students participate in these or other field work projects in addition to meeting classroom requirements.

Graduates of the Program are prepared for advanced training in archaeology and museum studies; cultural resource management; team leading in a variety of settings; and other professions for which critical thinking and good communication skills are necessary.

Learning Outcomes

Identify Major Sites and Artifacts
Identify major sites and artifacts from prehistoric and historic cultures throughout the world.

Analyze Archaeological Data
Analyze Archaeological Data using a Quantitative, Comparative or Historical Approach.

Formulate coherent argument
Formulate in writing or speaking a coherent argument using primary and secondary sources.

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