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Liberal Studies (BA) Humanities Online


The Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies, Humanties Concentration, is an online degree completion program for adult students who have earned a minimum of 60 hours of transferable credit at other instituions. The program is designed to provide students with an opportunity to earn their baccalaureate degree in an e-learning environment by gaining a thorough understanding of the humanities...The program is designed to enhance the student's abilities to: 1) Think critically and analytically. 2) Communicate clearly and effectively. 3) Understand and explain the interconnections among the Humanities disciplines. 4) Appreciate the wide range of human experience. 5) Achieve increased depth of knowledge in one of the four categories of the Humanities: Literature, Fine Arts, Philosophy/Religion/Ethics, Historical Perspectives. Note: For a complete description of the program's mission see the Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies Program, Humanities Concentration, "Rationale and Program Objectives", in the UNCG Undergraduate Bulletin.

Learning Outcomes

Describe and Evaluate How the Humanities Represent Experience and Can Be Applied to Your Life
Think critically and analytically about the Humanities, connecting academic learning in the disciplines to personal experience.

Describe and Evaluate the Interconnections Among the Humanities
Demonstrate knowledge of the Humanities disciplines, their similarities and differences and how study in one discipline informs understanding in another.

Read Texts with Careful Attention
Recognize how authors and readers create meaning in texts; identify key ideas in texts and rhetorical strategies used to develop them.

Write Clearly and Fluently
Compose coherent, logical, and convincingly argued assignments (posts, blogs, essays, research papers, etc.) and edit writing so it conforms to standard usage. Recognize and use research tools in the humanities; incorporate research into writing.

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