Office of Assessment, Accreditation, and Academic Program Planning

UNCG Student Learning Outcomes

Chemistry (BS) Biochemistry


The Department's mission is to prepare students who are highly qualified in the chemical and biochemical sciences at the undergraduate or graduate level. Students who graduate from UNCG with a degree in biochemistry will be prepared to work in the chemical or biochemical industry or to succeed in graduate science programs or in professional schools. The learning outcomes are consistent with the principles promoted by the American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Students who achieve these learning goals will know the fundamental principles of chemistry and biochemistry, and will be able to capably perform chemistry and biochemistry lab experiments.

Assessment data is collected in various chemistry and biochemistry courses and disaggregated by major. Data is discussed by faculty during the annual spring retreat.

Apply Chemical Principles and Problem Solving Skills
Students will be able to apply problem solving skills and the fundamental principles of chemistry in addressing chemical problems.

Conduct Laboratory Work Safely
Students will study safety principles in CHE355 Intermediate Organic Chemistry Lab. They will subsequently be tested on their knowledge of safety.

Communicate Information of Chemical Literature
Students will communicate information obtained from the chemical literature to the faculty.

Demonstrate Knowledge of Scientific Ethics
Students will demonstrate fundamental concepts of ethical behavior and the importance of integrity of scientific data, record keeping, and reporting.

Apply Demonstrate Knowledge of Molecular Structure and Reactions
Students will demonstrate knowledge of structure, bonding and reaction mechanisms for organic and biochemical molecules.

Proficiency in Biochemistry
Students will be proficient in biochemistry.

Write Lab Reports at a Professional Level
Students will be able to communicate the results of their laboratory work in a professional written report.

Proficiency at Qualitative and Quantitative Methods
Students will be able to analyze chemical samples using qualitative and quantitative methods and appreciate the limits of the analysis.

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