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UNCG Student Learning Outcomes

Chemistry (MS)


The central mission of the Department is "the understanding and communication of the vital nature of chemistry and biochemistry", which we accomplish "through our teaching, research and service". In accord with this, the first goal of the Department is "to provide expert training in fundamental principles and state-of-the-art technologies for majors at the graduate level". The learning goals of the graduate program are directed primarily toward satisfying this mission goal. For thorough training at the graduate level, the student needs appropriate course work, research experience, and development of communication skills at the level appropriate for positions of responsibility. In additional to developing reasoning skills and providing advanced laboratory experience for the student, the independent research that is required for the graduate degree also addresses the research component of the Department's mission. Finally, the service component of the Department's mission is fulfilled in part by providing local industries with a source of higher learning for their current and future employees.

Assessment data is collected based on records kept on performance of the graduate students as they progress through the program. Data is discussed by faculty during the annual spring retreat.

Students Present A Professional Research Proposal
Students will be able to organize related ideas concerning advanced chemical systems creating a unifying and fully consistent model that advances the state of knowledge in a particular area of science. (SLM12 Thesis Proposal Presentation) Students must present a research proposal describing their proposed thesis research, complete with establishment of importance, technical details regarding the experiments to be carried out and expected outcomes based on preliminary data. Students' committees and advisors will evaluate the students based on these criteria, and successful completion of this requirement indicates each ability has been successfully mastered.)

Thesis Research and Written Thesis
Students will be able to synthesize new ideas in chemistry by performing independent research and placing their results into the context of the current knowledge in the field (SLM13 Thesis Research) The MS program in Chemistry is a research masters and requires a sufficient level of original research to generate a thesis. Research in Chemistry is a continual cycle of experimentation, evaluation of data, interpretation, synthesis or modification of a hypothesis, and the design of new experiments to further evaluate the hypothesis. This process is closely monitored by the individual faculty research advisor, and the student’s progress in this area is reported in annual reports by the faculty member to the students. Here deficiencies in any of these areas are communicated to the student and addressed by the advisor and thesis committee. Both completion of the research and generation of the thesis are measures we use to assess achievement of this learning goal. Successful completion of original research will be rated as satisfactory or unsatisfactory by the student’s thesis committee.

Students Develop Marketable Skills and Knowledge
Students learn research skills and knowledge which make them marketable in industry or for further graduate study (SLM15 Success of MS Chemistry Graduates - Longitudinal studies involving placement of our MS Chemistry graduates will be used to assess the success in this area. Email contact lists for all former students are available and a periodic survey of former MS students will provide an accurate measure of this goal. It is expected that 100% of graduates from our program will be prepared for a career in science industry or further graduate study at the PhD level.)

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