Office of Assessment and Accreditation

UNCG Student Learning Outcomes

Classical Studies (BA)


The Classical Studies major is designed to ensure a solid preparation in at least one classical language, to acquaint students with ancient Mediterranean cultures and the tools for studying those cultures, and to allow students to develop excellent analytic and communication skills.

Learning Outcomes

Application of Knowledge and Disciplinary Tools
Given a question about the classical world, students will be able to evaluate and select appropriate resources and approaches for answering the question and compare/contrast the information they have discovered about the ancient world to other times and cultures.

Given a topic related to the classical world, students will be able to formulate a coherent thesis, compose a logical argument to support that thesis with primary and secondary sources as appropriate, and communicate their conclusions effectively both in an oral report and in a written paper of specified length.

Critical and Analytic Thinking
Given a passage of ancient Greek or Latin or a question about the literature, material culture or history of the classical world, students will be able to identify central components, see important patterns, generalize from given facts or knowledge, evaluate and draw accurate conclusions from the information given.

Knowledge of Greek and/or Latin
Given a previously unseen passage of ancient prose or poetry, students will be able to analyze the grammar, syntax and morphology of the passage; produce, with time, select vocabulary and appropriate notes, a reasonably polished version of the passage; read the passage aloud in the target language with accuracy, fluency, clarity and expression.

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