Office of Assessment, Accreditation, and Academic Program Planning

UNCG Student Learning Outcomes

Communication Studies (BA)


The Bachelor of Arts program in Communication Studies prepares majors to lead meaningful personal, professional, and public lives. The standards of the National Communication Association and the guidelines for participation in community engaged action outlined by UNCG and the College of Arts and Sciences provide a context for the program expectations. All majors are expected to speak and write ethically and effectively; use communication for the purposes of building identities, relationships, and communities; analyze local to global social problems from communication perspectives; and use theories and research methods to engage communication research.

Learning Outcomes

Public Speaking
Graduating seniors will be able to speak effectively and ethically to a public.

Communication Construction
Graduating seniors will be able to apply communication concepts/competencies to construct identity, relationships, and/or community.

Communication Problem Solving
Graduating seniors will be able to apply a communication perspective to identify and analyze local-to-global social issues and problems.

Communication Scholarship
Graduating seniors will be able to engage communication scholarship using appropriate theory and research methods.

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