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UNCG Student Learning Outcomes

English (PhD)


The PhD in English requires 42-48 semester hours and is offered to superior applicants who are preparing for careers in teaching and research in colleges and universities. The program permits specialization in literary studies or rhetoric and composition in small classes and a format conducive to individualized instruction. Full-time doctoral students may be appointed as teaching assistants in the department. The most talented students are recommended for fellowships.
PhD Specific Goal 1: To develop the research methodology and critical thinking skills needed for the study of literary and rhetorical texts.

Goal 2: To demonstrate a familiarity with literary, cultural, and/or rhetorical theory to inform the critical study of discourse in English.

Goal 3: To use composition theory and/or the history of rhetoric to improve teaching (if a TA) and/or to pursue a field of specialization within the PhD program.

Goal 4: To develop professional expertise in a field of literatures in English, Literary Theory, or Rhetoric and Composition in order to prepare for careers in college teaching and research.

Goal 5: To improve professional development skills through such activities as peer mentoring, participation in conferences, submissions for publication, or creation of materials suitable for an academic job search.

Learning Outcomes

To demonstrate an advanced critical understanding of the literary, cultural, and/or rhetorical theories that inform the study of discourse in English.

Content Knowledge
To analyze critically the multiple fields of English and the current issues within them.

Research Methodology
To apply the research methodology needed for the critical study of the literatures, rhetoric, or language of English.

Professional Expertise
To demonstrate professional expertise through an extended and polished written argument that combines originality of analysis, synthesis, and evaluation on a specific topic in English Studies.

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