Office of Assessment, Accreditation, and Academic Program Planning

UNCG Student Learning Outcomes

Geography (PhD)


To prepare individuals for advanced careers which apply geographic theory, method, and information technologies to solving problems in urban and regional planning, geographic information science, natural resource management and environmental assessment, demographic analysis, and economic development.

Learning Outcomes

Knowledge of Concepts and Theories
Students will develop a knowledge of the major theories and concepts of the discipline. Students will be able to utilize that theory to develop new hypothesis and to effectively evaluate the bases, quality and importance of research done by others.

Professional Communication
Graduate students will be able to effectively communicate the results of their field studies, laboratory work, data analysis, to their professional peers. This includes presentations at academic/professional conferences, the writing of professional reports, or the publication of papers in academic journals. This also involves applying the highest standards of integrity in doing science and in the reporting of scientific results.

Research Methods and Techniques
Students will have an in depth understanding of geographic research techniques so that the student is capable of contributing original research to the discipline.

Professional Preparation
Students will develop doctoral level abilities to order to obtain advanced careers in academia or in professional positions in the public or private sectors.

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