Office of Assessment, Accreditation, and Academic Program Planning

UNCG Student Learning Outcomes

History (MA)


The purpose of the Master of Arts in History degree is to foster advanced research, analytical, and communication skills (both written and oral), as well as detailed knowledge of two specific historical fields. The MA degree also demands comprehension of and competence in a variety of historical methodologies. These skills will prepare graduates to enter PhD programs as well as careers in business, libraries, archives, the law, and government. For many years the department has maintained the following broad goals for students who attempt the MA in History.

1. Knowledge: Students will acquire a thorough grounding in the body of knowledge appropriate to their concentration.

2. Interpretation and Methodology: Students should be able to demonstrate a firm grasp of the major interpretive distinctions and historiographical issues in their field and be able to analyze historical studies in their own work in relation to these issues. They will be familiar with different approaches to the study of the past.

3. Research: students will be able to produce a substantial paper using primary sources.

4. Communication: Students should be able to communicate effectively in writing.

Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to present relevant evidence in support of a clear thesis.

Bibliographical Skills
Students will use conventional and electronic media to construct an advanced bibliography.

Students will use quotations and scholarly citations correctly and appropriately in formal prose.

Students will be able to define historiography and will be able to contextualize (place in context) their own work within existing scholarship.

Knowledge of History
Students will know content appropriate to their concentration in history.

Students will be able to comprehend and distinguish between different schools of historical methodology.

Primary Sources
Students will be able to distinguish primary sources from secondary sources, and will be able to analyze primary sources effectively.

Research Topic
Students will be able to successfully select and refine a research topic.

Written Communication
Students will employ clear and sophisticated prose to communicate the fruits of their research.

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