Office of Assessment, Accreditation, and Academic Program Planning

UNCG Student Learning Outcomes

Languages, Literatures, and Clutures (BA)


Through engaged teaching, innovative research, diverse creative activity, and dedicated service, the Department strives to:

  • Communicate an understanding of languages, literatures, and cultures within the context of a humanistic liberal education;
  • Connect with individuals and communities within the department and across the campus, the state, the nation, and the world in order to foster a culture of meaningful intellectual inquiry and participatory life-long learning that promotes respect for all;
  • Contribute to the University’s strategic goal of internationalizing the campus as we prepare our students to excel in a variety of professions and graduate studies

Learning Outcomes

Speaking proficiency
Students will demonstrate speaking proficiency in their primary language of study.

Language Writing Proficiency
Students will demonstrate writing proficiency in their primary language of study.

Intercultural Knowledge and Competence
Students will articulate cultural self-awareness and knowledge of cultural worldview frameworks.

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