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UNCG Student Learning Outcomes

Media Studies (BA)


The Department of Media Studies offers a Bachelor of Arts in Media Studies. The Media Studies major is an integrated program of study that focuses on the creative production and critical consumption of a range of moving-image media. Majors have opportunities to study and produce narrative and documentary film, interdisciplinary media productions, fiction and non- fiction television, and news and video journalism. Students can customize their program of study, drawing from courses on various aspects of film, video, and digital media production; screenwriting; media theory, history, and criticism; and news reporting and analysis. This is enhanced by providing students with cocurricular opportunities to participate in on-campus media productions, the student-run campus radio station (WUAG), and other client-based and internship programs.

The Department also offers two minors: a non-production Film and Television Studies minor and a Radio minor, each requiring 18 semester hours of courses.

Learning Outcomes

Analyze Media Texts
Students will analyze media texts in terms of their aesthetic and socio-cultural properties (contexts).

Demonstrate Technical Competency
Students will produce media that demonstrate technical competency.

Demonstrate Artistic Competency
(specific to students in Intermediate and Advanced Production Courses): Students will produce media that demonstrate artistic competency.

Application of Theories, Themes, and Information
Students will apply primary theories, themes, and information relevant to the creation, consumption, and regulation of media.

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