Office of Assessment, Accreditation, and Academic Program Planning

UNCG Student Learning Outcomes

Psychology (PhD)


The mission of the Ph.D. graduate programs in cognitive, social, and developmental psychology is to prepare students for academic careers that involve both teaching and research.

Learning Outcomes

Development of Teaching Competence
Students who are interested in pursuing teaching as a profession will develop the basic skills required to teach at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Ethical and Moral Training
Students will master the content of the American Psychological Association Code of Ethics. They also will incorporate these standards into their professional activities.

Mastery of the Basic Theories and Approaches
Students will develop a deep understanding of at least 4 basic approaches to psychology. In understanding this material, they will demonstrate - in written and oral communication - a factual and conceptual mastery of the major concepts, methods, and theories/principles of these areas.

Research and Methodological Skills
Students will become proficient in the design and interpretation of scientific research and will be able to evaluate the design and statistics of published papers using measures and statistics that are typical for the field. They also will develop competence in the implementation of scientific research, including the ethical standards for conducting research.

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