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UNCG Student Learning Outcomes

Sociology (BA)


The Department of Sociology supports the missions of the College of Arts and Sciences and the University in three areas: education, research and service. The department fosters a community of sociologists, mentors students of sociology at the undergraduate and graduate levels, and provides general education for students throughout the University. Sociological knowledge helps students to understand how social structures and processes shape social life and how sociological analysis and empirical research are used as tools of understanding. The department also encourages the research and professional development of faculty, contributes knowledge to the community of scholars and to the larger society, and provides service to the discipline, College, University, and extramural communities.

Learning Outcomes

Social Science Research Methods
Demonstrate an understanding of the design, execution and application of social science research methods.

Data Analysis
Interpret the results of basic types of data analysis.

Ethical Issues of Research
Identify ethical issues and select ethically appropriate means of conducting social research.

Theoretical Concepts
Recognize the definitions and implications of important classical and contemporary theoretical concepts.

Sociological Concepts and Findings Concerning Social Inequity
Recognize the definitions and implications of important sociological concepts and findings concerning social inequality.

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