Office of Assessment and Accreditation

UNCG Student Learning Outcomes

Studio Arts (MFA)


The students admitted to the MFA program at UNCG are a diverse group of artists working within a creative community across many disciplines. Our mission is to foster an environment in which students simultaneosly create, think critically, and engage in dialog with peers and faculty members. Our professors represent a wide range of contemporary art practices that value traditions of visual language and embrace the plurality and potential of the current art world. Students are challenged to produce bodies of work that are materially and conceptually grounded, and evidence a strong dedication to process and craft. In addition, we expect that our students develop to be self sufficient, motivated and enthusiastic contributors to the visual arts.

Art History and Art Criticism
Students will have a thorough knowledge of art history, contemporary art issues, and art criticism.

Demonstrate Knowledge in Art History
Students will demonstrate knowledge in an exam designed to test their comprehensive understanding of contemporary and historical periods in Art History.

Demonstrate Research and Writing Skills
Students will be required to conduct in-depth research about their studio practice which will culminate in a five-page thesis paper.

Prepare a Comprehensive Body of Work
Students will prepare a comprehensive body of work in quality and in quantity for their MFA Thesis exhibition to be installed at the Weatherspoon Art Museum. The work should demonstrate the following: content in studio practice, comprehension of visual language skills, appropriate media skills, knowledge of historical and contemporary issues.

Professional Development
Students will know how to speak knowledgeably about their studio production and be able to place their work in the context of contemporary art practice. Students will prepare a professional resume, portfolio and artist's statement. Students will apply for professional exhibitions, grants and residencies.

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