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UNCG Student Learning Outcomes


The Ph.D. Program in the Department of Human Development and Family Studies serves to enhance the lives of people internationally, nationally, and locally by producing scholars who are trained to discover, translate, and implement new information about how children, youth, and families develop in their many and diverse contexts, particularly their family, early care, school, community, and work relationships/settings. Aligning with UNCG’s Strategic Plan, the HDFS Ph.D. Program provides an inclusive learning community fostering intellectual inquiry to prepare students for meaningful lives and engaged citizenship, engage in collaborative scholarship and creative activity to enhance the quality of life across the lifespan, and provide intercultural and international experiences and perspectives into learning. HDFS Ph.D. students’ programs of study are multidisciplinary and tailored to students’ specialized interests and career goals in human development, family studies, early care and education, and/or sociocultural context. The learning goals for the Ph.D. Program include:

  1. the advanced use of theory;
  2. the advanced application of research methods skills;
  3. demonstration of technical and integrative writing skills;
  4. demonstration of effective college teaching skills; and
  5. the ability to analyze, integrate, and critically evaluate theoretical and empirical literature in the student’s area of content specialization.

Learning Outcomes

Advanced Use of Theory
Demonstrate in-depth knowledge of dominant theoretical approaches by using the various theoretical ideas in the student’s selected area of specialization.

Advanced Application of Research Method Skills
Demonstrate in-depth skill in applying specialized methods of quantitative or qualitative research design and analysis to the formulation and conduct of empirical research in the field of human development and family studies.

Demonstrate Writing Skills
Demonstrate technical and integrative writing skills necessary to take on an independent role in writing research reports and grant proposals.

Effective Teaching Skills
Demonstrate effective teaching skills within a university classroom setting.

Content Specialization
Analyze, integrate, and critically evaluate empirical research in the student’s area of specialization.

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