Office of Assessment, Accreditation, and Academic Program Planning

UNCG Student Learning Outcomes

Nutrition (PhD)

The mission of the PhD program in nutrition is to train graduates:

  1. To become nutrition scientists to advance our knowledge of nutrition and its impact on health and disease;
  2. To become educators capable of teaching, training and research mentorship; and
  3. To assume positions in government or private sector organizations which can influence public policy regarding nutrition and develop new initiatives that translate best practices into programs that benefit North Carolina and beyond.

Learning Outcomes

Enhanced critical thinking/problem solving skills
Students will undertstand and interpret research literature.

Written and Oral Communication Skills
Students will write and defend their nutrition based research.

Knowledge of Research Methods in Nutrition
Students will complete a well-designed and controlled research project, from the development of the research hypothesis to the interpretation of data generate.

Understand Metabolism and Function of Nutrients
Students will understand nutrient and phytochemical metabolism, interactions of nutrients on genes, nutrition and aging, nutrition assessment, nutrition and physical performance, the scientific basis of diet and disease relationships, ways in which nutrition science is used to improve the health of people, ways in which nutrition research is used to set public policy and nutrition research methodologies.

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