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UNCG Student Learning Outcomes

Nanoscience (MS)


The mission of the Nanoscience department is to prepare students from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds to conduct basic and advanced research in Nanoscience in industrial, governmental or academic settings. Within this context, the Nanoscience Department provides a graduate level trans-disciplinary educational and discovery research experience in the nanosciences, sustainable nanosystems, innovation and community engaged outreach. It also works collaboratively with the Nanoengineering Department to achieve an integrated foundational research program in emerging high impact areas.

Learning Outcomes

Understand the Scope and Basis of Nanoscience
Students completing their two years of study in the nanoscience MS program will understand the interdisciplinary foundations of nanoscience research and know how to interpret nanoscience-based research literature.

Knowledge integration, synthesis and communication.

Creativity, critical thinking and communication skills for MS students seeking entry into the Nanoscience PhD Program
Graduate students will demonstrate graduate-level creativity, critical thinking and communication skills.

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