Office of Assessment, Accreditation, and Academic Program Planning

UNCG Student Learning Outcomes

Dance Studies (BA)

The BA in Dance is designed to provide students with imaginative, critical, and technical skills essential to the creative process, scholarly inquiry, and professional engagement in the field.

Learning Outcomes

Choreographic Craft
Students will demonstrate a basic understanding of choreographic craft.

Dance Technique
Graduating dance students will achieve competency in intermediate dance techniques.

Discourse on Dance as a Field
Students will demonstrate the ability to engage in discourse about dance as a field of both artistic and scholarly endeavor.

Safe Dancing
Students will demonstrate comprehension of how the body moves in a safe manner in order to prevent injury as measured by an above average score on the rubric for DCE 340 and in the appropriate section of the Technique Feedback Sheet. This measure has been absorbed ont DCE 340 course.

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