Office of Assessment, Accreditation, and Academic Program Planning

UNCG Student Learning Outcomes

Dance (BFA)

The BFA in Dance is designed to provide students with imaginative, critical, and technical skills essential for proficiency in performance and the creative process, scholarly inquiry, and professional engagement in the field.

Learning Outcomes

Administrative Skills – Proficiency in the Dance Profession
Students will demonstrate mastery of the knowledge base and communication skills needed for success as a dance professional.

Contemporary Dance Technique – Advanced Proficiency in Contemporary Dance Technique
Students will apply advanced skills in contemporary dance technique.

Discourse on Dance as a Field – Proficiency in engagement on clear, reflective and grounded discourse
Students will demonstrate the ability to situate a broad range of artistic practices in cultural and historical context, and to contribute to dance discourse. Ability to think critically and engage in clear, reflective and grounded discourse through speaking and writing on dance.

Presentation of Artistic Work – Advanced Proficiency in performance and choreography
Students will demonstrate advanced proficiency in dance performance and/or choreography as well as in production of their work.

Safe Dancing – Awareness of the body and injury prevention
While dancing, students will demonstrate a comprehension of how the body moves as well as optimal training and dancing techniques.

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