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UNCG Student Learning Outcomes

Dance (MFA) Choreography

The MFA in choreography is designed to prepare students for professional careers in choreography and university teaching. Students learn to clarify their choreographic voices and deepen their understandings of dance making as a personal, aesthetic, cultural, and social process and product through guided investigations of choreographic methods, practices in coaching and performing movement, and theories and practices in dance research. They learn to create a body of work; demonstrate a knowledge of dance technologies and documentation; and produce writing and speak about theories and practices in dance, all at a mastery level. They learn to collaborate and make dance accessible to the public. The M.F.A. in choreography is considered a terminal degree.

Learning Outcomes

Artistic and Choreographic Craft
Upon graduation, students will produce a body of work at a mastery level.

Theory and Practice
Upon graduation, students will demonstrate knowledge of existing literature in dance, proficiency in speaking and writing about dance, knowledge of and proficiency in applying somatic principles to dance, knowledge of dance as an aspect of the humanities. (DCE 610, 611, 630)

Working Knowledge of Technologies Involved in Producing Dance Works
Upon graduation, students will demonstrate a working knowledge of technologies involved in producing dance works, including the ability to collaborate with a designer (costume design, set design or lighting design) and other production needs.

Technology - Ability to Document
Upon graduation students will demonstrate an ability to document choreographic and/or performance work.

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