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UNCG Student Learning Outcomes

Jazz Studies (PBC)

The Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Jazz Studies provides students and/or professionals with knowledge and skills needed to apply principles of jazz to a variety of musical careers. The curriculum is designed to provide rigorous professional training so that the post-baccalaureate student will become informed, responsible citizens, with the tools to succeed and communicate effectively as musicians of the 21st Century. The PBC in Jazz Studies offers conservatory-type performance training and along with academic offerings directly related to careers in jazz performance. The students in the PBC in Jazz Studies will complete the certifcate with the performance and music scholarship skills enabling entry into the profession or further studies.

Learning Outcomes

Technical Ability in Jazz Performance Applications
Students completing the PBC in Jazz Studies will demonstrate professional entry level technical skills in jazz performance applications.

Musical Forms, Processes, and Structure
Musical Forms, Processes, and Structure in Jazz Performance Applications.

Historical Awareness
Historical Awareness in Jazz Performance Applications.

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