Office of Assessment, Accreditation, and Academic Program Planning

UNCG Student Learning Outcomes

Drama (MFA) Directing

To train students to be literate and proficient in the theory, practice, and art of stage direction. To train students to direct for the stage in the professional theatre and/or to teach stage directing at the university level.

Learning Outcomes

Analyzes Scripts Effectively and Creatively
Reads, analyzes, and interprets plays in a knowledgeable, insightful, and imaginative manner. Demonstrates understanding of dramatic action and given circumstances.

Creates Effective and Creative Groundplans
Creates groundplans that support the dramatic action of the script, that allow for appropriate and creative staging, and that are visually interesting.

Stages a Script Effectively and Creatively
Staging effectively supports and illustrates the dramatic action. Staging makes full and creative use of the groundplan.

Collaborates with Designers Effectively and Creatively
Accurately communicates and explains design concepts orally and in writing. Demonstrates openness and flexibility with design team while also providing strong leadership.

Direct a post-modern play
Demonstrates a thorough understanding of post-modern/non-Artistotelian/non-realistic plays—understands their non-linear dramatic architecture; their often non three-dimensional characters; their heightened, non-colloquial language; and their non-realistic, often abstract settings. The student can translate this understanding into an effective, engaging production that honors the theatrical demands of the play.

Effectively coaches and communicates with actors
Demonstrates good communication skills with actors in order to aid them in their journey towards believable, textually appropriate performances. Demonstrates an ability to help actors who are having difficulty with talking & listening, playing their actions, or moving into their given circumstances (the world of the play).

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