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UNCG Student Learning Outcomes

Drama (MFA) Theatre for Youth

The Masters of Fine Arts (MFA) in Theatre for Youth is designed to educate students who are literate in the history, theory, pedagogy, and practice of theatre with particular knowledge and skills in theatre for youth. The mission includes involvement in the producing organization, The North Carolina Theatre for Young People, which requires graduate students to both direct productions geared towards young audiences and manage touring productions. A great deal of time is spent in the community engaging young people and in-service teachers in workshops, classes, and production-oriented work.

Learning Outcomes

Commands Directing Processes and Techniques
The student will demonstrate facility with the art of directing through written analysis of the script, articulation of vision and concepts with design collaborators, throughtful planning and scheduling of rehearsals, application of effective rehearsal techniques with actors, and application of effective communication strategies with stage management and production members.

Creative Drama, Drama-in-Education
The student will display familiarity with a wide range of process drama practitioners and methodologies that are representative of work nationally and internationally. In particular, the student will demonstrate understanding through critical analysis, practice, and reflection of the application of contemporary theory in educational settings.

Engages in Effective Outreach Strategies
The student will demonstrate facility with all aspects of the field through the designing and creation of outreach materials, the devising and implementation of community programs, the booking and scheduling of the touring production, the directing of Theatre for Youth productions at the university and in the community.

Intellectual and Emotional Perceptions of Theatre
The student will demonstrate the ability to make accurate and informed assessments of theatre productions utilizing appropriate terminology through written and oral responses to staged works.

Works Collaboratively in Groups
The student works effectively with a diverse group of people, respecting differences and employing a variety of communication strategies to reach everyone in the group.

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