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UNCG Student Learning Outcomes

School Administration (MSA)


The Master of School Administration Program (MSA) program in Educational Leadership provides professional preparation for public and non-public school administrators. Program requirements are designed to strengthen the daily managerial and instructional leadership performance of educational administrators. The program is intended to serve the school systems of the region and state by enhancing their opportunity to retain and employ administrators able to deal successfully with the important and changing issues that schools face. Ultimately, of course, the program seeks to serve the students, parents, and communities by providing effective educational leadership in elementary, middle and high school settings.

The graduates of the MSA program in Educational Leadership are required to demonstrate functional competence in educational management and instructional leadership. They are also required to demonstrate practical understanding of creating a shared vision, building a strong positive culture for academic excellence and construct systems for change while building powerful relationships. Graduates constitute a cadre of educational leaders prepared in a knowledge base that is current and multi-disciplinary and capable of "leading for learning." The program is aimed at preparing reflective practitioners for demanding administrative positions.

Learning Outcomes

Collection, Analysis, and Use of Data
MSA Students will systematically collect, analyze, and use data regarding the school’s progress toward attaining strategic goals and continuous improvement.

Engage parents/guardians and all community stakeholders.
MSA students will proactively create systems that engage parents/guardians and all community stakeholders in shared responsibility for student and school success that reflects the community’s vision of the school.

Leverage staff expertise and influence
MSA students will develop systems and relationships to leverage staff expertise and influence in order to realize the school’s vision for success.

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