Office of Assessment, Accreditation, and Academic Program Planning

UNCG Student Learning Outcomes

Educational Research Methodology & Evaluation (PhD)


The PhD program is committed to preparing students who will advance knowledge and practice within the fields of research methodology, measurement sciences, program evaluation, and applied statistics. This commitment is manifested through the preparation of students who are prepared to have a positive impact and offer leadership at all levels of organizations with missions related to research methodology.

Learning Outcomes

Use Test Theories
Use concepts and analyses from classical test theory and/or item response theory to create, evaluate, or improve assessments.

Execute Data Management and Analysis
Execute original research scenarios with best practices in all aspects quantitative analysis: data handling and cleaning; choosing and carrying out analysis with univariate, multivariate, or advanced statistical modeling techniques; and providing a meaningful interpretation of results.

Conduct a Program Evaluation
Conduct program evaluation, from design through final reporting, according to professional stndards and practice.

Conduct Research Studies
Execute a complete research study: producing a literature review, determining a research design, choosing an analytic an approach, and discussing (orally and in writing) results in context.

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