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General Education Category and Global Marker Recertification Form (Word)

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Sample responses Course Assessment and Development (Q13 GE Category & Global Marker Recertification Form)

The following assessment results may be used to complete the recertification form:

GLT Assessment Results: Spring 2012; 2013-2014
GFA Assessment Results: Spring 2012; 2012-2013
GHP Assessment Results 2012-2014
GPR Assessment Results Spring 2012
GN Assessment Results 2012-2013
GRD Assessment Results 2012-2013, 2014-2015

The review of UNCG’s General Education program and its courses is a continuous process that requires faculty guidance and participation. Recertification is necessary in order to ensure that GEC courses continue to meet the learning outcomes for which they were approved. The recertification process does not imply any mistrust of faculty intentions or integrity – it is simply a means of ensuring the intentionality and coherence of the general education curriculum approved by the faculty. Departments are responsible for ensuring that GEC learning outcomes are addressed in all sections of courses approved for general education.

The General Education Council notifies faculty in GEC categories or marker areas that their courses are due for review and recertification according to the following four-year cycle; the four-year review cycle began again in 2014:

2014-15: GMT and GNS

2015-16: GLT, GFA, and GPR

2016-17: GHP, GN, GRD, and WI

2017-18: GSB, GL, SI

Note that recertification must be completed prior to the Bulletin deadline included in the Curriculum Guide for submission of all curriculum changes to the General Education Council.

Ad hoc GEC recertification subcommittee review process:

  • All GEC recertification subcommittees will be broadly representative of University expertise from the College and professional schools.

  • General Education Council members will assist the GEC ad hoc subcommittees to ensure consistency of the review process across GEC categories.

  • Ad hoc GEC recertification subcommittees will be charged to revise the GEC category/marker descriptions and SLOs as necessary.

  • GEC category and marker SLOs must identify alignment with General Education program goals.

  • The ad hoc GEC recertification subcommittees should seek broad faculty input on the draft SLOs.

  • The ad hoc subcommittees will submit final draft SLOs to Council for approval.

  • Faculty seeking recertification will identify instructional strategies and document student work products that support GEC category requirements.

  • The ad hoc GEC recertification subcommittees will recertify courses that meet GEC requirements, working with faculty submitters to ensure courses meet GEC requirements.

  • The ad hoc subcommittees will complete recertification of the category or marker under review and submit final recertification reports to the Council for endorsement.

If students are enrolled in a course that was decertified after preregistration, all students will receive the General Education credit that was advertised in the course schedule when they registered.

Faculty wishing to establish GEC certification for courses may apply at any time under the current course approval process identified in the Curriculum Guide. The General Education Council recognizes that faculty will make changes in course syllabi to revise course content and expects that syllabi shall continue to address the GEC Student Learning Outcomes for which they were originally approved. The Council may periodically request course syllabi or other materials to ensure ongoing delivery of GEC learning outcomes.

The General Education Council will work with the WI and SI Committees to establish an effective and ongoing recertification process for all WI and SI courses.