Office of Assessment and Accreditation

General Education Council

Student Learning Outcomes

The following Student Learning Outcomes have been approved for the the General Education Categories and Markers:
Each category and marker in the General Education Program is linked to one or more of the Program’s Learning Goals, which were approved by the Faculty Senate on April 1, 2009, and the General Faculty on April 29, 2009, and revised by the Faculty Senate on April 7, 2010. Achievement of the Program Learning Goals is indicated by the successful demonstration of the skills assessed by the Student Learning Outcomes listed above.

LG1. Foundational Skills: Think critically, communicate effectively, and develop appropriate fundamental skills in quantitative and information literacies. [GRD, WI, SI, GLT, GFA, GPR, GHP, GMT, GNS, GSB, GL, GN]

LG2. The Physical and Natural World: Understand fundamental principles of mathematics and science and recognize their relevance in the world. [GMT, GNS]

LG3. Knowledge of Human Histories, Cultures, and the Self: Describe, interpret, and evaluate the ideas, events, and expressive traditions that have shaped collective and individual human experience through inquiry and analysis in the diverse disciplines of the humanities, religions, languages, histories, and the arts. [GLT, GFA, GPR, GHP, GSB, GL, GN]

LG4. Knowledge of Social and Human Behavior:Describe and explain findings derived from the application of fundamental principles of empirical scientific inquiry to illuminate and analyze social and human conditions. [GSB, GL, GN]

LG5. Personal, Civic, and Professional Development:Develop a capacity for active citizenship, ethics, social responsibility, personal growth, and skills for lifelong learning in a global society. In so doing, students will engage in free and open inquiry that fosters mutual respect across multiple cultures and perspectives. [GFA, GPR, GNS, GSB, GL, GN]