Office of Assessment and Accreditation

General Education Council

Review Guidelines for Speaking Intensive & Writing Intensive Marker Proposals

Latest revision: September 9, 2016

1) New Courses – New courses that require review and approval by the GEC, UCC, and/or GSC must adhere to the University submission deadlines. The SI and WI Committees may review these proposals concurrently with other curriculum committees. Incomplete applications will cause a delay in review.

2) Existing Courses – Existing courses seeking the SI and/or WI marker must adhere to the SI and WI Committee submission deadlines. Both Committees use the same deadline, which falls approximately two weeks before the start of the formal advising period.

3) Marker Adjustments – Courses previously approved for the SI and/or WI marker may need adjustment from time to time. Adjustments may occur to add or delete course instructors, to change the name of a course or a unit, or to allow the course to be taught by any qualified instructor, to name a few instances. Adjustments will be handled on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the appropriate Committee. Adjustments must be completed at least one week before classes begin in the session for which the adjustment has been requested.

4) Courses Without Records – Some courses with a SI and/or WI marker have no supporting documentation, such as proposals or approval memos. These cases must follow the procedure for Existing Courses.

Note: Under no circumstances may the SI and/or WI marker be added or removed from a course once advising has begun.

General Education Writing-Intensive and Speaking-Intensive Marker Request Form (Word)

General Education Writing-Intensive and Speaking-Intensive Marker Request Form (PDF)

Procedures for appeals, transfer courses, etc.

1) Academic Departments and Programs in which a course would have been taught at UNCG will handle transfer requests, per agreement with the Registrar.
2) Marker credit will not be awarded for study abroad courses.
3) Markers will not be granted retroactively.

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