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Academic Program Review

UNCG has recently completed an academic program prioritization process to position UNCG to be as strong academically as possible while maintaining a sound and balanced education program that is consistent with its mission, strategic plan, and its functions and responsibilities as an institution of higher education.

Although the committee that planned the process began meeting in fall 2010, most of this process took place during 2011 and spring 2012. A total of 254 undergraduate and graduate programs were reviewed using a wide-range of criteria and following a process that mimicked the one used for promotion and tenure as closely as possible. The process included the following steps:

  1. development of the list of programs to be reviewed through consultation between deans and program leadership;

  2. preparation, collection, and correction of quality, function/demand, and efficiency data by the Office of Institutional Research in collaboration with program leadership;

  3. modification of the process and the list of criteria to be considered in response to faculty feedback;

  4. submission of department and program surveys;

  5. completion of unit-level review conducted by faculty-majority committees in collaboration with deans;

  6. completion of university-level review conducted by a faculty-majority committee charged by Faculty Senate;

  7. discussions of the university-level report by Provost with deans and other stakeholders;

  8. submission of recommendations from the Provost to the Chancellor on strong programs to consider for future investment, challenged programs central to UNCG's mission requiring intervention, and programs to be discontinued; and

  9. posting of the Chancellor's report.

The final steps of the process will include the Chancellor's final report to the Board of Governors, that body's approval of any recommendations that programs be modified or discontinued, notification of substantive changes to and approval of teach-out plans and agreements by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, and the reassignment of faculty and staff to realign resources strategically.

Documents relevant to this process will be uploaded to this website as they are developed. Faculty, staff, and students who wish to be notified when this website is updated may subscribe to the listserv by clicking here.

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