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Giant Steps

In fall 2016, UNCG launched its new strategic plan, Giant Steps. This strategic plan serves to provide a roadmap to the year 2020 and beyond. The intended impact of the plan is to foster a steep trajectory of change as the University mobilizes its talent and resources to become a recognized research university providing a transformational education to a richly diverse student body. While an emphasis on strategic enrollment growth will continue, this plan outlines focused areas of transformation that will unfold as UNCG focuses on addressing 21st century issues and problems related to health and wellbeing, vibrant communities, and globalization. This streamlined plan consisting of a narrowly focused set of initiatives will undergird our University’s continued trajectory of success. With this new strategic plan, we stand poised to embrace the challenges and opportunities of a new era; we stand ready to develop and adopt best practices; and we stand ready to become an exemplar of the 21st century research university.

In order to include the Giant Steps reports in UNCG's existing assessment processes, changes were made to the report template and additional instructions were provided for the academic programs. In this video for Academic program coordinators, the director of the Office of Assessment and Accreditation steps through the changes with visuals and explanations, and answers some questions that have been raised.

Academic Assessment Reporting

This document contains a summary of the major initiatives submitted by campus leaders to move the University of North Carolina at Greensboro forward in relation to its strategic goals.

Giant Steps Table

Sample Academic Assessment Report Template

Sample Academic Assessment Plan Template

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