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School of Health and Human Sciences

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Mission Statement of the School of Health and Human Sciences

Vision Statement
The School of Health and Human Sciences aims to inspire and equip people and transform institutions to work in ways that make the world better, safer, healthier, and more humane and just.

Mission Statement
The School of HHS, through teaching, scholarship, community engagement and service, prepares new generations of professionals, leaders, scholars, and entrepreneurs to enhance the quality of life of individuals, families, and communities.

Values Statement
As a community of scholars, the School of Health and Human Sciences values:

  1. Improved health, well-being, and quality of life for populations, communities, and individuals worldwide
  2. Care and respect for communities, with a focus on sustainability
  3. An academic environment in which diversity, inclusiveness, and respect for all is encouraged and celebrated
  4. Equitable partnerships when engaging with individuals, communities, and institutions in service and research
  5. Ethical principles applied to teaching, research, and community engagement
  6. A dynamic intellectual community that embraces interdisciplinary collaboration, creativity of thought, and innovation of practice