2023-2024 Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

Sara MacSween, ChairBryan School (MEHT)2023-2026
Patrick GiamarioCollege of Arts & Sciences (PSC)2022-2025
David HolianCollege of Arts & Sciences (PSC)2022-2025
Clifford SmythCollege of Arts & Sciences (MAT)2023-2026
Colin PostSchool of Education (ILRS)2022-2025
Karen “Pea” PooleSchool of Health & Human Sciences (KIN)2022-2025
Maggie MurphyUniversity Libraries2023-2026
Aimee MotleySchool of Nursing2022-2025
Eric WillieFaculty Senate (VPA)2023-2024
Brett NolkerCollege of Visual and Performing Arts (MUS)2021-2024

Nonvoting ex officio

Director of Assessment and AccreditationJodi Pettazzoni
Registrar’s OfficeLisa Henline
University Advising CouncilHeather Searcy

Membership: One (1) voting member of the General Faculty elected from each electoral division, except three (3) from the College; plus one (1) Senator appointed by the Chair of the Senate. Nonvoting: the Director of Assessment, Accreditation, and Academic Program Planning, and additional members appointed by the Provost.

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