2023-2024 Graduate council members

Chair of the Graduate Council–Selima Sultana, Geography, Environment, and Sustainability

Aileen ReidInformation, Library, and Research Sciences (SOE)
Lakshmi Iyer Information Systems and Supply Chain Management (BRY)
Diane GillKinesiology (HHS)
Melody Patterson ZochTeacher Education and Higher Education (SOE)
Johnette WalserSocial Work (HHS)
Dennis LaJeunesseNanoscience (JSN)
Wanda WilliamsNursing (NUR)
Christian MoraruEnglish (CAS)
Salih RakapSpecialized Education Services (SOE)
Gwen SchugBiology (CAS)
Robert WellsMusic (CVPA)
Brad JohnsonTeacher Education and Higher Education (SOE)
Douglas LevinePsychology (CAS)
Ex Officio MemberTitle
Gregory BellDean of The Graduate School
Lisa HenlineUniversity Associate Registrar
Rachel OlsenFirst-Year Communication and Social Sciences Librarian
Jodi PettazzoniDirector of Assessment, Accreditation and Academic Program Planning
Student Representatives:
Alexander GrindstaffGrad Student Assoc.
Terry ChavisTeacher Education and Higher Education

Graduate Curriculum Committee

  • Robert Wells (CVPA) – Chair
  • Dennis LaJeunesse (JSN)
  • Lakshmi Iyer (BRY)
  • Diane Gill (HHS)
  • Johnette Walser (HHS)
  • Wanda Williams (NUR)
  • Salih Rakap (SOE)
  • Selima Sultana (CAS)
  • Gwen Schug (CAS)
  • Greg Bell – Ex-Officio
  • Lisa Henline – Ex-Officio
  • Jodi Pettazzoni – Ex-Officio
  • Rachel Olsen – Ex-Officio

Policy Subcommittee

  • Dennis LaJeunesse – Chair
  • Christian Moraru
  • Aileen Reid
  • Selima Sultana
  • Melody Patterson Zoch
  • Greg Bell – Ex-Officio
  • Rachel Olsen – Ex-Officio
  • Jodi Pettazzoni – Ex-Officio
  • Alexander Grindstaff – Student

Appeals Subcommittee

  • TBD
  • TBD
  • TBD
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