UNCG’s criteria are that the complaint is:

  • A complaint against UNCG policy such as discrimination complaints, student grievance, and FERPA complaints
  • All grade appeals
  • Written and signed
    • An email is considered written and signed when it is sent from a student’s personal or university account

  • Any anonymous or verbal complaint
  • A complaint against a syllabus change
    • The syllabus is not a contract. Faculty members are free to change a syllabus at any time, but should follow good practice to ensure that changes are clearly communicated to the students.
  • A complaint originating from faculty initiated proceedings, unless the student formally challenges the application of that particular policy
    • Example: Academic integrity citation of a student by faculty
  • Complaints where the student is expressing an opinion about an experience, and it is not directed at the application of a policy
    • A complaint about dining services offerings would fall in this category

  • An email will be sent prior to the beginning of the fall semester with the log template to remind departments to begin collecting the complaints
  • Online resources for student complaints will be updated periodically
  • The log should be kept for the academic year
  • In September a reminder will be sent that the completed logs should be sent to the Office of Assessment, Accreditation, and Academic Program Planning by July 31
  • Logs are returned to the Office of Assessment, Accreditation, and Academic Program Planning by July 31

The student should follow procedure by first going to their faculty member, but in cases where that is not possible, the faculty member or department head should request the complaint to be written and signed, log it, and follow procedure to resolve the complaint.

This is not a student complaint. It should be handled as a complaint, but it does not need to appear on the student complaint log.

That is at the discretion of the department head or dean.

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