Charge: The Undergraduate Curriculum Committee shall be the agency of the Senate responsible for reviewing the undergraduate curriculum, making policy recommendations to the Senate on curricular matters, and performing such other duties as approved by the Senate, including the following:


To review and approve all proposals for new courses; existing courses in which substantial changes have been made; new majors, programs, concentrations, and degrees which have been approved by the curriculum committees of the various electoral divisions; the discontinuation of courses and programs; routine changes as previously approved by the Provost’s Office. When the Provost gives preliminary consideration to a plan to establish or discontinue one or more undergraduate degree programs, for example, during the early stages of the University’s strategic planning process, the Provost will consult with the Committee; the Committee will make recommendations to the Provost regarding the general advisability of pursuing such a plan;


To review and approve student proposals under Plan II (Specially Designed Programs of Study);


To take up for study or action matters referred by the Senate and General Faculty or any other matters deemed important to the work of the Committee.

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